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Bee Skilled envisions a community of competent health workforce leading change in their own environment

We are driven by a dream where public health systems in low-and-middle-income countries are self-sustainable.

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Bringing Collective Intelligence to Public Health Education

Bee Skilled’s learning hive transcends the boundaries of learning by combining the concepts of collective intelligence with competency based learning in the most affordable manner possible.

We Offer

BeeSkilled for Learners

e-Learning Courses

We deliver affordable e-learning courses for health professionals in a highly social and collaborative environment.

Social Collaboration

Our free to use platform ‘Hive’ offers social collaboration, peer-peer support, networking and mentoring for professionals.

Curated Content

Check out the ‘Hive’ platform, there are various ways to upgrade your knowledge and skills, such as blogs, newsletters, stories and webinars.

BeeSkilled for Business

Custom Development

We use our Hive methodology to develop customized, white labelled online learning platforms for unlimited users.

Instructional Design

Our team of experts can develop tailored curriculum and e-learning courses for your specific needs.

Community Management

We have core expertise in managing a thriving community along with designing and managing online events.

Our Courses

Collective Learning Certificate 1:

Supply Chain for Health

This CPD certified course focusses on Core Supply Chain functions and combines the internationally accepted supply chain competencies with the public health context, to make it relevant and relatable for public health academics and professionals.

Collective Learning Certificate 2:

Supply Chain for Health

Currently under development, this online course will also be CPD accredited. The course will focus on enabling supply chain functions and together with CLC1, completing this course will result in 360 degree understanding of Health Supply Chains.

- BeeSkilled's Courses -

Collective Learning Certificate (CLC)

Collective Learning Certificate is Bee Skilled’s flagship course which is based on the principles on Social Learning. These courses are designed in a way to give learners a social environment where they learn from the materials, instructors and more importantly from each other. The CLC courses are also recognised by the International CPD provider as courses conforming to global CPD standards. The objective of CLC courses is to impart work-based competencies to learners while supporting them develop their own learning pathways and network.

- BeeSkilled's Courses -

Micro-Learning Credential

Microlearning is a skill-based approach to learning that delivers information in small, highly focused chunks. It is the ideal way to find quick answers to specific problems. We believe that there are many such cross-functional skills required for day to day work that are currently lacking in public health professionals. Using a fast and focussed approach, Micro-Learning Credentials aim to build these skills in the professionals. Mirco-Learning courses will be accompanied with Live Webinars for learners to also learn from some industry experts while they can finish the course materials at their own pace.

Micro Learning Credential:

Active Learning Sessions

Active Learning is a new learning initiative where members can learn and discuss various topics from their work and new areas which are trending globally. Sessions are delivered in small bits and nuggets, enabling the learner to understand them, discuss them and become familiar with the issues that may affect them in the future.

Micro Learning Credential:

ABC Analysis and its Application in Supply Chain

This course is designed for health professionals working in Health Facilities, Hospitals, Warehouses etc. The course will help learners apply ABC analysis for various purposes in Health Supply Chains.

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