The Hive is a Global Network for Health Workforce

The concept of The Hive is inspired from Eusociality, where members live, learn and work together, creating shared value in the process

Membership for 'The Hive' is Free

What does The Hive Offer?

People learning together

Engage with Peers

The Hive offers several global health topics to learn from. Join technical groups on the topics of your choice, and engage in meaningful discourse and content sharing

Build Your Network

Create your own profile, connect with health workforce from your area or from other countries. Build rapport and trust among your peers. Connect with members and start a conversation

Learn New Skills

Join premium courses on The Hive, learn new skills in a collaborative environment and compete against your peers to be on top of the leader board 

How Can You Access The Hive?


‘The Hive’ can be accessed using your desktop, laptop computer, android or apple tabs and any android or iPhone

Getting Started is Easy

Connect, share, chat, learn and gain new insights about your work.