Learner Stories

All the way in Sudan, a pharmacist is passionate about her work: ensuring availability of quality assured essential medicines to the public of Sudan. Meet Amasi Badreldin, an officer of the National Medical Supplies Fund (NMSF). A Hive member and graduate of the Supply Chain for Health course, Amasi began her career at the Omdurman pharmacy of NMSF, where she would dispense medicines, counsel patients and manage inventory to ensure product availability. Her pursuit of excellence was awarded in 2018 when she was moved to the inspection unit of NMSF. Initially, she worked in the inventory department and was involved in the physical inspection of inbound pharmaceutical products before adding them to the inventory.  Now, she works in the quality department and plays a major role in overseeing activities that help maintain the desired level of quality assurance. These include physical inspection of pharmaceutical products, checking to see if the medicines are relevant to priority health needs and ensuring that they meet acceptable quality standards.

What Amasi likes best about her job is that she is engaged in a variety of activities and handles various responsibilities. This teaches her something new every time and makes her feel fulfilled. In fact, if she could change something at her workplace, she would improve the work culture so that people are more passionate towards their work, good work is appreciated, and staff are given more responsibilities leading towards organizational excellence.

Amasi spends her free time listening to jazz music, reading books, watching movies, doing aerobic exercises, going out for walks and meeting old friends. She is keen on self-awareness and likes to learn from her mistakes. In future, she wishes to share her experience to improve health supply chains. Joining the Hive gave her the opportunity to do that already. It has enabled her to interact with health professionals having the same interests, understand her skills and inspired her to have a fulfilling career in service-oriented supply chain. She is truly grateful for the encouragement and knowledge sharing on the Hive platform.