Learner Stories

Ogwuche Kennedy Odo, is a seasoned professional in supply chain and quality management systems. Previously, he served as the National Manager of Supply Chain and QMS at Akesis Health (formerly Axios Foundation) in Nigeria. He has extensive experience managing supply chain systems for various donor-funded programs focused on HIV, Malaria, and MNCH interventions in Nigeria. 

Ogwuche’s achievements include establishing efficient commodity distribution for the Village Health Workers program in Gombe State, Nigeria. Through strategic supply chain management, essential maternal and child health commodities reached remote areas, significantly improving healthcare access and reducing maternal mortality. 

He has realized from experience that a lot of workplace challenges in the healthcare supply chain stem from poor visibility and communication, leading to supply chain disruptions. Enhancing real-time visibility and communication across the entire supply chain is one critical problem he is interested in solving. 

He advises individuals in such a position to focus on developing a strong foundation in logistics and supply chain fundamentals. Staying updated on industry trends and their application to healthcare is crucial. Additionally, cultivating effective communication skills is essential. He suggests building a network within the healthcare supply chain community to enhance opportunities for growth and learning. 

Ogwuche drawing from his experience, shares essential requisite skills to those pursuing a career in health supply chain management. He states, ” In the interconnected world of supply chain management, adaptability is paramount. Navigating diverse challenges, such as infrastructure limitations and supply chain disruptions, requires the ability to be up to date with changing trends and the need to swiftly adjust strategies and operations to ensure continuous success.”. 

He envisions emerging as a prominent figure in global health supply chain affairs, offering guidance and expertise on a global scale. He recognizes the need to stay updated on industry trends and swiftly adjust strategies to navigate diverse challenges. Utilizing the Hive platform has greatly helped Ogwuche by broadening his outreach and network significantly. With members spanning various continents, each contributing diverse perspectives, the platform has provided him with an opportunity to enhance and enrich their knowledge base.