Learner Stories

Samuel Adekola is the Managing Director of His Grace KSP Pharma Ltd, where he is responsible for leading the organization, retaining company employees, evaluating performances and maintaining strong industry relationships to promote services and improve business operations. As a part-time board member of the Ondo State Bureau of Public Procurement and Program Director at the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, he also has a keen interest in the supply chain and the creation of the State Drug and Health Products Management Agency.

He points out that the challenges facing the healthcare supply chain in Nigeria include differential pricing of pharmaceuticals and supplies in public facilities due to the dominant influence of many corrupt handlers, lack of proper control of regulated products by relevant staff or authorities, and misappropriation of revolving funds for healthcare products leading to high indebtedness of the majority of public healthcare facilities.

He believes that the gap between academia and public health supply chain jobs is due to inadequate skills and resources for effective implementation of existing policies, ineffective implementation of systems and structures for sustainable service delivery, and political interference.

If I could change one thing about my workplace, it would be to have a highly efficient workforce in all my retail pharmacy branches,” says Samuel.  

Reflecting on his training experience with Bee Skilled, he says he found the learning resources on the Bee Skilled Hive platform highly informative and insightful. In his opinion, Bee Skilled Hive will continue to be a veritable tool for improving knowledge and skills in the pursuit of professional fulfillment.