Learner Stories

Dr. Wanjiru Njugi is a public health supply chain specialist with over 7 years of experience. Dr. Njugi’s interest in the health supply chain started way back in 2012 when he was working for the USAID as a project officer. This led him to travel to India and study Pharmacy. He likes working in health supply chain because it’s a fast-growing industry with constant challenge. It offers opportunities for career growth and changing people’s lives by efficiently delivering products they need.

Dr. Wanjiru Njugi is an active member of the Hive where he engages with other members, shares his experiences and promotes collaborative learning. He enrolled in Bee Skilled’s Collective Learning Supply Chain for Health course on merit. He is inspired by the accreditation and international standards of operation on the Hive. In his words, “It has opened up a whole new dimension of learning surrounding teamwork, competitiveness and career progression.”