Learner Stories

Abel Solomon is a motivated health supply chain professional who is passionate about providing sustainable health services for better quality of life. This goal led him to join the Hive where he shares knowledge with colleagues and learns about various country experiences. He aspires to have a fulfilling career in service-oriented supply chain and logistics management. He worked as a Contract Management Officer at the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency (EPSA).

As a biomedical engineer, Abel works with medical devices. He likes to ensure that medical devices function as per expectations and fulfil orders as per request. One time at work, he was involved in a laboratory sourcing project where he was challenged in the area of last mile delivery and lean distribution. The custom facilitation process taught him valuable lessons in teamwork that lead to customer satisfaction, the ultimate aim of any service. 

Abel is quite reserved and wishes to express himself more at the workplace. His interests lie in technology and health. He spends his free time reading books, watching movies and taking walks to recharge himself.