Learner Stories

Bosco Mapunda1

Bosco Mapunda is a certified Supply Chain Management Consultant from Tanzania with experience in both health and industrial sectors. He has integrated the experiences earned through CIPS and CILT memberships in his decade long career in public health. 

Bosco has been conferred his degrees from various countries and universities and has completed his Master’s in Business Administration from University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. At present, Bosco is working in Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Technician Board -Tanzania.

He finds that the best part about his job as a Supply Chain Management Consultant are Consultancies and Trainings where he is surrounded by extremely smart professionals and he is exposed to a wide range of situations, which helps him grow both professionally and personally. Bosco’s highlight of his career has been when he supported the consolidation of the Warehouses of American Embassy and USAID in Tanzania and Implemented Logistics Information Management Systems (LMIS) successfully. He was then declared as the digital transformation champion at his workplace. He further states: “If I could change one thing at my workplace, that would be moving towards DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

Bosco Mapunda2

Being a member of Hive, he feels the platform is contributing towards attaining new knowledge on public health and supply chain management. It is improving his understanding of training modules in health supply chain management.