Learner Stories

COMPAORE PEGDWENDE CHRISTIAN works as an assistant pharmacist at the Amitié Miyougou pharmacy in Burkina Faso. He is responsible for dispensing and delivering medicines to patients. He also monitors the inventory of the products in the pharmacy.

Christian is methodical, well organized, rigorous in his professional approach, and likes to acquire new knowledge towards his development. The supply chain training experience was an opportunity for him to understand the functioning of pharmaceutical supply, and essential drugs in particular. From his perspective as a pharmacist, it is quite challenging when there is unavailability of essential medicines since patient goes back empty handed, and hence supply chain is critical.  

He recommends to young professionals in health supply chain domain to reinforce their knowledge since the best way to acquire new skills is through continuous professional education and training. 

“The one thing I would like to change in my workplace is inventory management practices,” says Christian.

Through the learning experience with Bee skilled, he shares that he was able to benefit from Hive platform by completing the course conveniently which provided him with valuable knowledge. He is sure that the course will help him improve his supply chain skills.