Learner Stories

“DOHOU Angèle Modupè is a hospital pharmacist in Benin. She is presently working on a dual role – as a manager of a private pharmacy where she is working with her collaborators to improve the supply system in order to make the pharmaceutical products available to the consumers and simultaneously, she is working on a development project as a research pharmacist to promote the rational use of antibiotics.

Angèle has a passion for travel, and she is keen to achieve her goals without any fear of difficulties and constraints. With her experiences in the field, she has realized that there is a need for a more efficient supply chain, as she consistently finds patients running out of basic medicines (especially emergency products) at the hospital pharmacy. She has also discovered that sometimes medicines are even dispensed after their expiration date. She believes that it is important to have a better understanding of the supply chain and to have a better understanding of how to manage it.

She adds that the major challenges in the supply chain in her country are non-identification of specific needs according to the pathologies, non-implementation of therapeutic guidelines and a lack of proper sourcing of medicines to ensure a constant and efficient availability in the hospitals.

If I could change one thing about my workplace, it would be the system of medicine replenishment.” says Angèle DOHOU.
Angèle has been associated with Bee Skilled’s Hive platform to learn supply chain and she states that being a member of Hive has been very helpful to her in sharing experiences with colleagues around the world and in updating her knowledge through continuing education.”