Learner Stories

Elie Antoine RANDRIANANTENAINA Harimananana works at the Ministry of Public Health DPLMT, Madagascar. His primary responsibilities include analysing monthly activity reports from district wholesale pharmacies, providing technical support to regional and district managers on proper pharmaceutical supply chain management, and conducting supportive supervision.

His interest in supply chain grew when he was able to achieve the goal of comprehensive monthly activity reports from the district’s wholesale pharmacies, ensuring visibility of medicines and financial data at the operational level.

His advice to young university students who may join the healthcare supply chain industry is that they should develop skills to improved performance of pharmaceutical in their respective countries and prioritize the digitization of information flows related to supply chain management by seeking funding from various technical and financial partners such as communities, government and external donors.

He believes that adhering to the six pillars of the health system at all levels is the best way to develop new skills: good governance, data visibility, excellent service delivery, availability of good quality products, good storage facility, and well-trained staff.

“If I could change one thing in my workplace, it would be to improve the communication channels within our organization and between the central and peripheral levels.”, says Dr. Elie. Furthermore, he intends to address the issue of unreliable data, non-availability of adequate pharmaceutical supplies, and the lack of governance in supply chain management in Madagascar.

He expresses that the Hive platform allowed him to reinforce his skills with new knowledge on all supply chain functions through experienced facilitators, enriching group discussions and relevant course materials.