Learner Stories

Fatoumata Kouyate works as a clinical pharmacist in the Neurology Department of the Ignace Deen National Hospital in Conakry, Guinea. She is responsible for monitoring the prescriptions made by doctors to ensure that there are no errors in prescriptions based on dosage and drug reactions.

She is very passionate about what she wants and fights hard to get it. She discovered her interest in supply chain after a training session organized by USAID – CHEMONICS under the GHSC-PSM project. She wishes to improve the healthcare supply chain situation in her country by facilitating the accessibility of quality and timely health products at all levels.

Moreover, she wants to encourage young people, especially pharmacists, to take an interest in the supply chain field since effective health supply chain depends on the capabilities of the health professionals. She believes that the best way to develop new skills is through the process of training and seeking new insights, and that this can be done through digital technology, such as e-learning programs. 

“If I could change one thing about my workplace, it would be to make high-quality health products more accessible to patients and to improve the quality of the treatment they receive,” says Fatoumata Kouyate. 

She shares that the Hive platform has helped her tremendously in gaining more knowledge about the supply chain in health sector which she applies to her work place.