Learner Stories

Florent RAKOTONIRINA works as a regional distribution and logistics expert for the IMPACT program implemented by Management Sciences of Health and PSI, a USAID-funded program in Madagascar. His main role is to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health to improve the health supply chain to improve the availability and accessibility of quality medical products. His support also focuses on building the capacity of health sector personnel. His regional director describes him as a dedicated employee who respects his colleagues and listens to them before decision-making. 

In his prior role, he was involved in project monitoring and evaluation. When he realized that there were no counterparts in the health districts, and that patients’ lives depended on the availability of healthcare products down to the last mile, his interest in the healthcare supply chain sector began to grow. 

He believes that the main challenge in Madagascar is the unavailability of quality data to make sound supply chain decision. This implies that all employees need to be trained in supply chain functions at all levels. He adds that the supply chain management sector offers a great opportunity for health professionals to diversify their skills and practical experience is an essential component in that.

“If I could change one thing in my workplace, it would be to secure the supply chain by focusing efforts on combating the illicit sale of medicines in markets or pharmacies,” says Florent. 

He truly believes that Bee Skilled Hive’s courses are useful for strengthening the healthcare system, particularly with regard to supply chain functions. The courses are very informative and rewarding, and the experienced trainers know how to apply a skills transfer. He adds that the HIVE platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.