Learner Stories

Hubert KITENGE BELGE is a logistics manager for the National Malaria Control Program in Democratic Republic of the Congo. His primary responsibilities in this position are to ensure stock of non-medical products and equipment and managed effectively. He also coordinates with the logistics team towards efficient and timely ordering and delivery of vaccines, syringes and diluents. 

Hubert is always eager to learn from others and willing to improve areas where he has not been able to perform well.  His willingness to ensure a proper procurement plan from the central department to the health care facilities and his focus on the fact that the quantity of products needed is what delivered, motivated him to be passionate about health supply chain.

In his opinion, weak competencies of supply chain stakeholders and inability of pharmacists to manage quantification process are some of the major challenges of healthcare supply chain in his country. Hubert believes that training in supply chain management before taking on a job is the best way to minimize the damage caused by ignorance. 

“If I could change one thing about my workplace, it would be establishing a well-planned infrastructure for supply chain activities”, says Hubert. 

Hubert says the Hive platform is a great way to access knowledge and exchange resources with supply chain professionals from different countries.