Learner Stories

Irissa SEBOGO is a pharmaceutical technician with more than a decade of experience in Health supply chain. Currently, he is in charge of the “Pharmacy and Logistics” department of the Ministry of Health in Burkina Faso. According to Irissa, a stock manager must always be vigilant and proactive as the absence of healthcare resources can hinder the care for patients and lead to serious damage.

Irissa believes that there is an inevitable need to quantify and acquire products to combat infectious diseases like meningitis, measles, dengue, cholera etc. to be able to respond in cases of epidemics or outbreaks of cases. This is what led to the development of his interest in Supply Chain.

He further states that he intends to establish an effective system for collecting logistics data, to have accurate communication of logistics information and to avoid stock-outs/over-stocking/expiration at all levels. This would involve continuous training of warehouse managers and other staff in data collection, reporting and analysis.

“If I could change one thing in my workplace, it would be to implement a common logistics data collection tool that would transmit information to all levels of the supply chain on a timely basis”, says Irissa.

Irissa has been a member of the Hive platform for a few months and he has been able to strengthen his management skills and share his experience with other healthcare professionals.