Learner Stories

Ivan Kelly ZINGA is a Logistics and Supply Chain Management specialist with 11 years of experience in international logistics and supply chain.

Prior to the beginning of his career, he had a huge passion for life and earth sciences. However, he developed his interest in the supply chain field. Along the way, he learned about this profession and developed strong leadership and organizational management skills. Soon afterwards, Ivan became the founding member of the Congolese Association for Logistics and Supply Chain (ACOLOG), as well as a pioneer of IAPHL Congo Branch (International Association of Public Health Logisticians in the Republic of Congo). These organizations are at the service of the country’s development through logistics methods and tools adapted to the context.

Ivan believes that supply chain is a function that serves many industries. According to him, it is broad and complex but also very enriching. “In addition to being useful to several sectors, supply chain also allows me to have diverse skills in development and economics.”, says Ivan Kelly ZINGA.

Speaking about the challenges of the healthcare supply chain in Republic of Congo, he states that the capacities of the health care professionals, the local companies and the public authorities need to be strengthened through adequate information, training and research for the social and economic development of the country.

When asked about the gap between academia and public health supply chain jobs, he says that the gap is between supply and demand for public health supply chain occupations. He adds that there is a lack of training in schools and institutes, and that health care institutions do not offer any real employment opportunities in the sector and there is no permanent knowledge exchange between stakeholders to meet the health care needs.

As an associated member of Hive, Ivan says that the network facilitates exchange of knowledge and expertise in the healthcare supply chain, while providing an opportunity for professional growth.