Learner Stories

“Jean Luc MBALA MWANISHA is a pharmacist inspector based in Democratic Republic of Congo. He carries out audit and control missions in public and private pharmaceutical sectors to detect any irregularities while giving recommendations and corrective actions.

Jean Luc takes ethics in audits very seriously and he does not support unfair and fraudulent practices. He feels that he is in a job where his findings and recommendations have the potential to affect the lives of the citizens, who are the primary beneficiaries of the health supply chain.

He further states that he intends to work towards reducing the shortage of stock, enhancing the conditions of storage in warehouses, improving the supply chain efficiency, expanding the availability of data, and accelerating the flow of products throughout the supply chain.

He feels that Bee Skilled’s online course CLC 1: Supply Chain for Health has allowed him to develop a better understanding of supply chain management and making him more capable of carrying out audit and control missions at all relevant levels of the supply chain in the country.

“I am interested in working to improve my country’s procurement system through effective centralization of procurement based on primary health care needs”, says Jean Luc.

On his association with Hive, he expresses his appreciation for the fact that his skills and expertise in the field of Supply Chain are showcased on various platforms.”