Learner Stories

Jenny AKONDJA is a pharmacy owner in Bangui, Central African Republic. She manages the supply of pharmaceutical products to the pharmacy and the daily administrative affairs. She also works as a consultant at World Health Organization in monitoring vaccine safety. She is ambitious and always seeks to achieve a satisfactory result in everything she does.

She realized the impetus for supply chain in her career during her role in 2017 as project coordinator for a Global Fund project for HIV, TB, and Malaria programs in her country.

She sees several challenges in selecting what to order, quantifying, stocking, and the distribution channels in the healthcare supply chain which she wants to address in her career.

She advises young students to complete their formal education with a degree or certificate in health supply chains, which would eventually build their capacity in this area. She says a degree or certificate, which can be acquired online or face-to-face, is the key to acquiring these skills which are otherwise missing in regular academic curricula.

“If I could change one thing about my workplace, it would be to institute strict use of standard operating procedures linked to various supply chain processes.”, says Jenny AKONDJA.

She expresses her gratitude to the Hive platform that has empowered her in terms of advancing her career and increasing her visibility with partners.