Learner Stories

Kudakwashe L. Viriri works as a pharmaceutical technician for the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe. He is an active change agent with more than 11 years of professional experience in pharmacy, and product distribution, supply chain management, administration and procurement in reputable companies in both public and private sectors. He has supported the system in implementing policies and taking a coherent approach towards achieving national health goals. He has strong communication, negotiation, networking and leadership skills. He is passionate about managing and motivating a high-performing and productive team.

He believes that the challenges in the healthcare supply chain that his country faces include inadequate logistics services and the acquisition of adequate storage facilities for drugs, medical supplies, and medical equipment due to financial constraints. The country has limited resources for transportation due to inadequate road networks throughout the country. He adds that many patients are unable to obtain their medicines and treatments in a timely manner due to the logistical challenges.

“As a health professional, I am keen to ensure access of primary health care products to meet the needs of underprivileged people in my country”, says Kudakwashe.

Kudakwashe developed a keen interest in supply chain training and went on to undertake courses such as “Supply Chain for Health” on the Hive platform and the Medical Logistics Practitioner Training Program with CMCOMMS. He feels that Bee Skilled Hive gave him insightful access to valuable skills and relevant network of professionals from Zimbabwe and other countries.