Learner Stories

Laureine MUJING NAWEJ is a qualified pharmacist who works at CADMETA in Democratic Republic of Congo. She is in charge of monitoring the storage and distribution of products for specific programs in the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. She is ambitious and determined, with an enormous professional spirit. She intends to create an association in the future to encourage young people in DRC to develop and improve their professional skills.

She believes that her position as a stock manager gave her the impetus to overcome supply chain challenges which lead to her desire to contribute to the supply chain in her country.

“The challenges that we face in our country are limited involvement of the government in health logistics and the lack of governance at the Ministry of Health that supports health coordination in the DRC”, says Laureine.

With professional experience and various qualifications, she wants to broaden her mind and support the government in providing leadership for better coordination of the health supply chain and other sectors in the future.
She encourages young students who wish to embrace the healthcare supply chain, to participate in various trainings and associations, that are related to their area of interest and facilitate the attainment of new skills.

On her association with Bee Skilled Hive, she says that the platform contributed to the enhancement of her vision and knowledge and that she will be able to work as a team to improve the performance of the health system in DRC at all levels.