Learner Stories

Lloyd G Nyarota is a certified pharmacy technician who works as a warehouse manager and product quality manager at Population Services Zimbabwe. His primary responsibility is to ensure that Good Storage and Distribution Practice guidelines are followed to the last mile. He is also responsible for importing and registering products for the organization. Lloyd G is also a board member of the Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe (PCZ), whose mandate is to register and regulate the practice of health professionals.

Lloyd’s interest in the supply chain was triggered by a report that “blamed” district pharmacy managers for the expiration of drugs. Lloyd then discovered that the model used by the central level to deliver products to the SDPs was the main factor causing products to expire, as they were using the Zimbabwe Informed Push System (ZIP). To stop this, Lloyd G took a close look at the supply chain and engaged with MoHCC’s national supply chain staff, resulting in the Zimbabwe Assisted Pull System (ZAPS), a system that ensures that facilities only order what they need, based on their consumption.

“I would want to change the general perception that Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement belongs to one department. In actual fact, Quality assurance is everyone’s responsibility!”, says Lloyd G. NYAROTA.

He believes that Bee Skilled Hive has helped him improve his supply chain skills. He also says that his organization can now boast an efficiently managed warehouse and has reduced its lead times from 21 to 14 days, which he attributes to the knowledge he gained during his learning journey.