Learner Stories

Meet Madelline Sibanda, a determined and passionate pharmacy technician from Zimbabwe! Madelline is a big believer in continuous professional development which enables her to implement new ideas and move ahead with time. After becoming a member of the Bee Skilled Hive, she has been exposed to the world of supply chain management. She now aspires to continue the learning experience and obtain a post graduate diploma. 

This mindset of continuous learning and professional development has led her to constantly seek to improve efficiency. Madelline likes this aspect of her work. She believes that better collaboration and improved quality control will lead to higher efficiency.  

According to Madelline, challenges in the health supply chain exist in areas like costing, risk management, unforeseen shipping delays and adapting to the fast-changing market. They can, however, be overcome by qualified personnel. But she sees a gap between academia and public health supply chain jobs due to expensive higher education which prohibits students or professionals from studying further. However, this did not stop her from seeking professional development. She wishes to strengthen supportive supervision and encourage others to pursue online courses for self-development. Madelline believes that talented, interested and passionate personnel can solve any problem.  Madelline is a quiet soul who loves keeping to herself. We are glad to see her share her experience in public health and professional development.