Learner Stories

Marc SAWADOGO is a pharmacist in a medical equipment distribution company. He is the sales manager and training in charge. Simultaneously, he works as an agent in his country for a company that produces long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets used in malaria prevention campaigns.

He participates with stakeholders to guide them in the choice of the best tools available in this field. As a matter of usual practice, Marc helps public and private hospitals to make the right choice for hospital equipment. He also makes sure that it can be delivered from the manufacturer to the hospital on time.

Marc also supports the activity of post marketing surveillance for the distribution of mosquito nets in the country. He collects and shares information on the quality of the nets and identifies when the vectors are resistant to the active ingredients used in insecticides. It is his responsibility to ensure that the right nets reach the families.

According to him, one of the biggest challenges in his country is selecting the right product. The other challenge that he realizes is the supply crisis. This was seen during the COVID-19 pandemic when import of basic necessities was a problem. “We need to anticipate the effects of a crisis like COVID 19” says Marc SAWADOGO.

With this in mind, Marc enrolled himself on Hive platform to improve his skills in procurement and especially in supplying quality products to patients.