Learner Stories

Maxwell Nhamo, a pharmacist by profession and a health economist by passion, is currently working as a business development manager for Greenwood Wholesalers and Pharmacies in Zimbabwe. He is primarily responsible for the retail and wholesale of pharmaceutical products. He is also involved in inventory management, which involves preparing orders, finding suppliers, selecting the best suppliers, and placing orders.

Maxwell has the ability to work in multiple departments. He strongly believes in the equitable distribution of resources to ensure the availability of affordable healthcare products to consumers. In his opinion, the experience of being able to get the required medicines to the patients at the right time and price motivates him to continue to serve his country.

Among the main challenges affecting his country are inadequate drug supply, lack of medical coverage and insufficient supply chain expertise in the health sector.

“The ultimate goal of any new endeavor in healthcare must be to benefit the patient and enhance the well-being of the population as a whole. The focus then becomes identifying the most effective way to allocate available resources to achieve the best possible outcomes.”, says Maxwell.

On his connection with the Hive learning platform, he shares that he obtained new insights and also learned from his peers through discussions.