Learner Stories

Miarantsoa Ramanampamonjy works as a technician in the Department of Pharmacy, Laboratories and Traditional Medicine at the DPLMT/MSANP in Madagascar. She is responsible for improved traditional remedies and logistics management unit’s quantification pool. She also provides training in the logistical management of medical products. She discovered her interest in the health supply chain when she began working as a member of the logistics management unit and learned about the product purchasing process, warehousing standards and the determination of performance indicators. 

The challenges she wishes to address in Madagascar’s health supply chain include better infrastructure, improved centralized purchasing and last-mile distribution. She intends to make the E-LMIS permanently available at all warehouses and service delivery points while reducing theft of products at healthcare facilities. She also aims to reduce the falsified sale of medicines in the country.  

For the aspiring health supply chain professionals who will be joining the industry in a few years’ time, she says that learning the key concepts is essential, and that they must be prepared to have the skills and mindset to transform the supply chain network for the greater benefit of the community. She believes that the best way to acquire new skills is to practice what’s learnt with the professionals in the workplace. 

“If I could change one thing in my workplace, it would be to involve logistics managers in health training to ensure everyone has a uniform knowledge of supply chain,” says Miarantsoa. 

Commenting on her learning experience with Hive, she shares that the CLC 1 and 2 courses provided her with up-to-date supply chain knowledge and resources, as well as the techniques for obtaining reliable and accurate data.