Learner Stories

Mireille DENISSIO MORISSI is the Head of Department of Laboratory Development in the Central African Republic, and a medical biologist. Her role is to strengthen the laboratory system in political, legal and operational areas. From the moment she was appointed a few years ago, there was no funding to achieve the targets. Then, they found the support of technical and financial partners from the Ministry of Health. Finally, the arrival of the pandemic in Covid-19 was a springboard for the laboratory department in Central Africa.

From her perspective, there is difficulty for patients in her country to access the right quality products, in the right quantity, delivered to the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.

“There is a significant gap between theory and practice and for most professionals, Implementation in the field provides the necessary experience to achieve a strong supply chain.” says Mireille

A key change that she wants to bring to her workplace is for the employees to understand the importance of teamwork and coordination in order to achieve a stronger supply chain.

She felt that the Bee Skilled Hive platform allowed her to share her professional expertise and participate in a short-term but high-quality training course.