Learner Stories

Nyuydzele Alvin is a pharmacy assistant at the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS). She began her career as a pharmacy auxiliary at CBC in 2015. As a child, Nyuydzele loved the hospital and pharmacy setting. When she grew up and joined the pharmacy profession, she learned about supply chain and found her interest in it, especially when it comes to dealing with medicines.

According to her, a major challenge in Cameroon is the circulation of substandard medicines. Added to this is the lack of trained health workers which puts the health of the population at risk. If there is one thing that she could change in her organisation, it is the quantity of out-of-stock products. Nyuydzele loves to make people happy and wants her clients to leave the hospital satisfied. She joined the Hive with this end goal in mind and over the course of the past few weeks, she has started to look at her work differently. “I know that as I use the Hive platform further, my knowledge in my profession is going to improve”, she says.