Learner Stories

Olga. M. Muza, a supply chain specialist with 10 years of practical experience in strategic integration of human resources and supply chain processes, works with the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC). She is also the focal point for gender issues in Masvingo Province. She is passionate about her profession, which gives her the opportunity to learn from time to time about technologies, regulations, business processes and competitive models that are evolving and creating new avenues for research and opportunities.

From a young age, she has had a penchant for making sure that people have access to all their needs. She began her academic career with courses related to human resources and supply chain, which led her to work for the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC). During her career, she has been involved in planning, managing and supervising supply chain staff. She is keen to learn new aspects of supply chain management (SCM) and to network with global leaders in the field.

Olga has learned that when essential medical products fail to reach the last mile, it becomes a matter of life and death, not merely an inconvenience. As costs increase incrementally throughout the supply chain, the lack of visibility and accountability to reduce them can lead to increased operational expenses. She believes that funding for health supplies remains a significant gap in the transformation of the sector.

“Respect for its employees should be the core value of any organization. If employees are treated the right way, they will reciprocate to the organization,” says Olga.

The Hive platform allowed her to connect with healthcare professionals from around the world and helped her exchange professional experiences, which also added value to her work.