Learner Stories

Patrick Harilanto Raherinjatovo works as LMIS Advisor at MSH Madagascar as part of the USAID IMPACT project. One of his main responsibilities is to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health in the acquisition and implementation of the new eLMIS in Madagascar. He also contributed to the analysis of supply chain costs using the TCA (Total Cost Analysis) methodology. He has served as focal point for the National Supply Chain Assessment using the NSCA2.0 (National Supply Chain Assessment) tool. 

Although his academic background is in accounting and finance, his passion is leveraging technology to advance healthcare services. He enjoys sharing his knowledge by training the ministry staff in data analysis and the use of Microsoft Excel for logistics management. 

He first became interested in supply chain management when he was a regional technical assistant, responsible for helping the ministry ensuring product availability. One of the challenges of supply chain management in Madagascar is to ensure data quality, completeness, and timeliness. The healthcare supply chain sector remains in high demand, and he encourages young students to gain a solid foundation in this area. 

“The best way to acquire new skills is practice. We shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes as we learn valuable lessons from them,” says Patrick.

In his view, the Hive platform enables all players in the global supply chain to communicate and exchange knowledge. It offers the opportunity to create networks in the field of supply chain management.