Learner Stories

Princely Gemoh is a Pharmacy Assistant at the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS), Cameroon. He is trained in nursing as well as pharmacy and has a diploma in HIV/AIDS Management. He is a gentle person who likes getting the answer to “why” questions. He aims to continually upgrade himself in every aspect of his work.

Interacting with people at several levels of health care has been his dream that came true in the pharmacy profession. His satisfaction lies in meeting patient needs and he carries out supply chain processes with this goal in mind. “You wouldn’t want to leave any meeting unattended because you have to make a contribution to support the system”, he says.

Princely wishes to improve the health supply chain in Cameroon by ensuring last mile delivery with the shortest possible lead time and making sure that products of good quality and suitable cost are sourced at the end of the procurement process.  He also wishes to introduce electronic systems to handle all supply chain processes and activities. He believes all health cadres should be trained to improve their knowledge about supply chain management. Princely was introduced to Bee Skilled by his colleagues. He soon developed a keen interest in supply chain knowledge and completed the Supply Chain for Health course on the Hive platform. The Hive has helped him grow in his career and implement the knowledge and experience gained at his workplace.