Learner Stories

RAVELOARINARIVO Malala Tiana works in the Department of Risk-Free Maternity and Family Planning within the Directorate of Family Health in Madagascar. As a midwife, she practices humanizing care with her parturient and especially with obstetric fistula patients who have been victimized because of their condition. 

In her capacity as a program manager, she is involved in the quantification of medical products and the flow of their inputs, which is why she finds her interest in health supply chain concepts. The challenges of the health care supply chain in her country that she intends to address during her career are sharing gained expertise with colleagues, proper planning of operations related to the delivery and distribution of products and ensuring adequate preparedness for quantification for products. 

She believes that the best way to acquire new skills is to continue to learn and develop knowledge while becoming involved in hands-on research. She encourages young students to participate in healthcare supply chain training courses to learn new skills, improve process efficiencies and ensure that products reach patients in a timely manner. 

“If I could change one thing about my workplace, it would be logistics management of products,” says RAVELOARINARIVO Malala Tiana. 

Reflecting on her learning experience on Hive, she says she got insights into new topics such as hospital waste management, product management, health supply chain management and many more. She also had the opportunity to share her experiences with other professionals.