Learner Stories

Rébéka YAWANTI TAMBERE, works as an assistant pharmacist in a pharmacy located in Benin. She learns a great deal from the patients on a daily basis, as she is in direct contact with them. She believes that each patient is different and one must carefully administer the prescription of a patient in order to provide reassurance. During an academic internship at a wholesale distributor, she was inspired and found the desire to continue and learn more about the medicine supply chain.

From her perspective, the medicine supply chain in Benin needs to provide a solution for the lack of good quality and affordable medicines, rising costs of diagnostics and a governance system which works for the entire country. She states that the gap between the academic world and the jobs in health supply chain is located at several levels, but the one to be mentioned is the lack of well-equipped hospital pharmacies stocked with inadequate supply of essential drugs to meet the needs of the entire population.

If she could change one thing in her workplace, it would be the procurement of medicines as per generic names as currently the shelves of the health facilities are overloaded with different brands of the same medicine which creates confusion and leads to errors in the department.

On her Hive learning trajectory, she values the knowledge she has acquired and wishes for enrichment in her knowledge through Hive network of experienced health care professionals.

“You finish growing, but you don’t finish learning,” says Rébéka.