Learner Stories

Senzelwe Mtero has been a pharmacy technician for 35 years. She is currently working at the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where she assists facilities with purchasing and management of medicines. She organizes and implements supervisory visits to the city’s 21 primary health facilities as well as monitors the strategic buffer stock of a limited range of essential medicines in provincial pharmacies. 

She has a strong interest in participating in an array of training and workshops that are designed to improve the health service delivery system in Zimbabwe. The training programs that she has attended has made her realize the importance of supply chain and how understanding it will make her work activities more efficient.  

She emphasizes that Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a serious issue of stock mismanagement. She also points out that many pharmacy managers are not trained in supply chain management, yet they are involved in this field which is why there is a considerable need to integrate supply chain awareness into the broader system. 

“If the supply chain is managed effectively, stock-outs can be reduced and the availability of good-quality products for patients can be guaranteed”, says Senzelwe. 

Reflecting on her training experience with Bee Skilled, she says it’s a powerful approach to achieving a significant breakthrough and uplifting the global supply chain for medical products. She discovered the how supply chain in health should be managed through CLC 1: health supply chain program.