Learner Stories

SIDIKI CAMARA, a biologist by profession, is currently working as a Technical Advisor of the USAID-GHSC-PSM project in Guinea. He is responsible for providing technical assistance in the supply chain management of the COVID-19 vaccines. This includes supporting the improvement in stock management and logistics information management of COVID-19 vaccines and other health supplies.

He developed a passion for supply chain during training sessions on eLMIS to support supervision, approval and data tracking activities. The key opportunities for Guinea’s supply chain, as identified by Sidiki, are to improve the cold chain logistics for vaccines, recruit qualified personnel, and to provide continuous professional training for public health logisticians.

He recommends a career in supply chain management for individuals studying health disciplines, since supply chain functions in public health are purely technical and require constant human efforts. In addition, there is a requirement to continuously develop skills to meet the requirements and standards in all areas of application.

“If I could change one thing in my workplace, it would be to encourage and support the employees and provide them with the recognition that they deserve”, says Sidiki.

He has found Bee Skilled’s Hive as an interactive and informative platform for professionals to develop their skills and knowledge in the health supply chain.