Learner Stories

Yunwen Haggai is a pharmacy auxiliary at the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS). Initially interested in the clinical aspect of health, he grew to develop an interest in supply chain due to the difference it makes in patients’ lives. In fact, the best part of his job, according to him, is when patients get satisfactory treatment.

At his workplace, Yunwen plays a major role in avoiding stock outs. He ensures that quantification exercises are carried out thoroughly before placing drug orders. This also greatly helps those who manage stocks in the organisation.

Yunwen’s dream is to become a leader in a health institution, program or organisation as most health organisations in his country suffer from issues related to supply chain management and poor leadership. When not working, he spends his time doing music.

Yunwen was a participant of the Supply Chain for Health course on Bee Skilled’s Hive platform, among other members of the CBCHS. Interestingly, he has observed that applying the concepts learned in this course has greatly reduced quantification errors and stock outs, and CBCHS personnel now work as a team. Everyone is now aware of the impact of specific errors that they make.

“It has been so interesting getting to know this learning platform”, he says about the Hive. It has provided a lot of exposure to everything that is neglected in the health system, especially the little things that solve big problems. Now, learning on the Hive is not just what he does during his free time, but a serious pursuit of finding out something new every week.